How to become a better Fortnite streamer?

  It is hard to imagine a game with more unobvious concept than Fortnite has. Is it something like Plants vs. Zombies but with people instead of plants? Not quite so. Is it Borderlands but with building opportunity? Close but it isn’t. Maybe it’s just a usual tower defense? Definitely not. Imagine yourself playing Overwatch, but before you start, you’ll need to practice some Dota2, and afterwards, you’ll be playing Minecraft. Actually, this genre is called ‘Battle Royale’. Sounds a bit complicated, isn’t it? That’s why Fortnite streamers are so popular right now. Nowadays, streamers are considered to be some sort of mentors because, obviously, they play better than the others, and there is nothing better for learning how to play well than watching others do so. Of course, a lot of people want to be in the streamers niche but most of them fail because of different issues. So, what do you need to do in order to become a better Fortnite

Stream behavior

Before talking about game aspects you need to be sure that your stream can entertain people. In other way your stream will be ignored, even if you can play really well. First of all, train your diction, try to avoid obscene and parasite words and learn how to formulate a thought clearly. Nobody wants to look at a person who constantly mumbles and stumbles. Also, try to avoid non-stop talking because it annoys a lot of people. Second, remember about the emotions – they adorn streams but it is important to know the limits. Sincere joy, anger and fright are very easy to distinguish from fake ones, so sometimes it is better to be silent than trying to be dishonest.

Technical preparation

Technical aspects are no less important than stream behavior. It is hard to imagine that huge audience will watch interesting game stream but with low settings, a lot of lags, and 15FPS. So, you really need to think about your PC specs before streaming. You require a good processor and powerful video card (I will not even mention good internet connection). So, if you want to stream Fortnite, you’ll definitely need to update your PC parts in order to launch the game with immaculate appearance combined with additional load because of the stream. Besides, it will be good for you to have a webcam, just to show yourself to people on stream.

Gaming tips

1. Don’t rely on passive gameplay style One of the most important things to understand is that you need to be active all the time. Despite being pretty obvious – the main goal of the game is to survive so being aggressive is the best way to do so; a lot of people still think that simply waiting for battles to be over is the best way to live through the game. Moreover, it will affect the stream by itself. Most people watch streams for action, not for the boring tactics of camping enemies or waiting for them to die by themselves. 2. Always be prepared Fortnite’s weapons are described by 5 colors. From weakest to strongest, those colors are: gray, green, blue, purple, and orange/gold. Of course, you need to focus on searching the best ones. So, remember this order: from gray to gold. Use that color to identify what you need and what you don’t need. Once you’ve got that figured out, focus on variety of weapons on hand. In Fortnite everything can happen and everything can work so you will need both short and long range weapons, some explosives, some healing and shield potions. You’ll need it all the time so you’ll be geared up for any possible fight you’ll participate in. 3. Slot weapons consistently This is probably the most important gameplay tip. Fights in Fortnite can sometimes be sudden for you. Obviously, you don’t want to be unprepared for them. So, you need to keep your inventory consistent in order to use the item you want without wasting a lot of time, which is certainly golden in this game. Try to figure out which way of slotting your inventory suits you most. Maybe you’ll like to manage your inventory by the range of weapons: from longer range to shorter range, maybe completely the opposite. That’s for you to decide. In this way you’ll pull out whatever you’ll need just when the time comes. 4. Control the safe zone circle Though it is not strictly strategic game, strategy also influences gameplay a lot. One of the greatest opportunities in Fortnite to show your strategic skill is controlling the movement of the safe zone. If you will figure out how players’ movement depends on the change of the zone, you’ll have a huge advantage. For example, if players are forced to move to the bottom of the new safe zone, the top of it is much less crowded. 5. Learn to shoot Different shooters offer you different types of shooting systems so you need to know how Fortnite shooting system works. For example, constant strafing may be a bad idea because moving while shooting makes your shots inaccurate, which will lead you to be killed. Sometimes you should focus on staying still and crouching when firing at your enemy. But you also need to think about the situation you’re into. If you have no cover and just keep sitting still, you’ll probably lose the gunfight. You should only crouch when you are safely able to do so. You can also use the Fortnite’s building opportunity in order to cover yourself. In above video you can find out about other Fortnite shooting tips you need to know.


So, as you can see, both streaming and playing Fortnite are not the easiest things to do. That actually explains why you need to play it a lot in order to become a good player. But, just like in any other difficult work, if you’ll combine your creativity with your skill, you’ll see the great result. I hope that keeping these tips in mind will make it much easier for you to become a better Fortnite streamer.