How to Run and Promote a Contest on Twitch?

Сontests on Twitch are one of effective ways to promote your channel, grow the loyalty of existing followers and gain awareness among the new ones. The core idea behind any giveaway or contest is offering the prize for viewers of your stream to win. All people love to win free stuff, especially if you offer something that they really value. At first sight, an online contest is an easy thing to do, however, there can be some pitfalls toward the goal. Below we suggest you some ideas to organize a successful contest on Twitch.

Reasons for Running the Contest on Twitch

Many streamers organize contests on Twitch because “everyone does it”. Such motivation is not productive. Before you decide to join majority, be aware of why you need to invest efforts and money in running the contest. Indeed, if wisely-made, a contest on Twitch can become a powerful marketing tool. There are at least 5 reasons why you should try organizing a contest on Twitch some day:

  • To Motivate Your Existing Audience

The biggest advantage of any contest is strengthening the relationships with existing viewers. With the help of a giveaway, you will also have a chance to call your viewers to action.

  • To Attract New Audience

Moreover, contests help generate new leads and grow the overall audience.

  • To Build Hype Around Your Channel

Contests build hype around your channel, you or any topic you want to raise. They help you spread ideas and messages you want to share with the wide audience.

  • To Increase Social Media Activity

A desirable side effect of any contest or giveaway is an excessive social sharing of your channel. If you want to increase viewers’ activity on social networks, ask the contest participants to like some post, leave a comment, add some tags or subscribe for your channel.

  • To Attract Traffic to Your Website

In case you have your own website, contest on Twitch may be used in order to drive traffic to your website. You can also require your giveaway participants to sign up for newsletters or fill out a form.

  • To Promote Shared Values

Ideally, contests should create a sense of loyalty amongst the followers.

Be Aware of Potential Risks of Any Contest on Twitch

  • Contests will cost you money. If you are a beginning streamer, start with small prizes
  • They may attract unwelcomed people to your community interested only in free prizes
  • If done wrong, contests may seem a cheap trick that alienates your existing fanbase

Before Organizing the Contest on Twitch You Should Understand the Following Concepts:

ROI (return on investment) – what you get for what you are giving people away

It’s important to realistically evaluate your audience and prize you promote. In order to be successful, your content/prize should be attractive enough to make people stick to your channel. Other side is not making your prize too costly compared to the amount of attracted followers and the overall spin-off. An average cost of new followers should be adequate.

Retention Rate –  your ability to retain your followers for a long period

Retention rate after Twitch giveaways is not impressive, especially if you are a small streamer. You should be ready that most people will come only for a giveaway and then disappear from your stream. There are a lot of cases when streamers managed to grow their audiences by making giveaways every day. But, their experiences demonstrated that most of these followers got away as soon as the giveaways stopped. So, for a long-term result, use the contest on Twitch as the way to reward your existing audience.

Reward Loyalty

Contests can not only attract and retain customers, but also eliminate some of your existing fans. For some people, giveaway is a waste of time that distract their attention. That is why, you should be ready for such turn of events. In order to demonstrate your care and loyalty towards existing audience, you can organize some of your contests especially for them. Give your core fans a chance to win their own reward separate from new followers.

How to Run and Promote a Contest on Twitch

However good your giveaway prize is, without proper promotion your contest may become a total flop. So, before executing a contest on Twitch, promote this event among your existing and new viewers. There are different channels where you can promote an upcoming contest on Twitch. First, use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and popular streaming-related websites, stream groups, message boards, like Reddit. Write a catchy post describing your contest, prizes and the conditions of entry. Attach some attracting image to your post. Advertise your future event during streams, ask your streaming buddies to mention it on their channels as well. You can also make a video promotion on YouTube and share it via social media. Remember, that the bigger prize is at stake, the more time you should spend on promotion. For instance, a console giveaway needs a minimum of 1 week (ideally, 1 month) of promotion. In case of a video game, you will need a few days or a couple of weeks to attract an audience.

More Tips on How to Run a Contest on Twitch

  • Don’t overdo with contests, remember that your dedicated viewers are here for your content, not free stuff.
  • If you care about your reputation, don’t participate in any shady contests and giveaways. Building trustful relationships with your audience is the key.
  • Think about buying global codes. They can be used by giveaway winners throughout the world, regardless of their location.
  • Jackbox party games are one of the possible prizes you can organize for your contest on Twitch. There are frequent sales on a bundle of them.
  • The contests are more engaging when they have some underlying reason, topic or theme, for instance, the launch of a new game, reaching an exact number of subscribers, etc.
  • Having some popular person, influencer as a partner of your contest on Twitch will increase viewers’ activity.
  • Look at our best reward ideas covered in our previous post.

The List of Giveaway Tools to Help You Organize a Contest on Twitch:

  • Nightbot
  • Moobot
  • StreamElements
  • Simple Twitch Giveaways Extension for Chrome


When you decide to launch a contest on Twitch, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all decision. You have to think about your goals first. Many doubts and questions will disappear as soon as you learn from your own experience. Don’t invest too many costs in your contest from the beginning, carefully track results to understand all pitfalls and benefits. In pursuit of popularity, don’t make your stream just about contests. Your content should remain the main value that makes people stop by your channel.