Influencer Marketing on Twitch: How Does It Work?

Everyone has probably heard about influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram. For a long time, this concept hasn’t been associated with Twitch. However, today, influencer marketing isn’t limited to celebrities and blog personalities. Streamers become new influencers.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the way to promote products or services via leaders’ opinions. Brand promotion by popular bloggers is only a part of the trend. In fact, anyone can become an influencer – from the popular pop stars, forum members, opinion leaders in a specific field to photographers, bloggers or Twitch streamers. Not only a person can be named an “influencer,” but it can also be a group of people, brand, company or even a place (interest clubs) that inspire trust. What makes them all influential is their large followings on social networks, forums, on the Internet, public space in general. Within any industry, there are some people that are well-recognized and have an influence over the majority.

An Example of Influencer Marketing by PewDiePie

A good example of an influencer marketing campaign is the participation of the popular YouTube streamer PewDiePie in a horror film-making project "As Above, So Below."  The streamer created a series of videos where he underwent challenges in the French catacombs. PieDiePie showed this content to 27 million subscribers. This was perfect cooperation: a film-making company received an effective promotion, PewDiePie - a unique unusual content.

When Streamers Become Influencers of Third-Party Companies

This is the most common way of influencer marketing on Twitch. For many game-related producers, Twitch viewers are the target audience, so they choose influential streamers to be the leaders of opinion. The highest accolade for game marketers is when a Twitch influencer plays and enjoys their game.

  • Channel Sponsorship

Usually, brands sponsor the most influential streamers with the largest following. This is the list of top 10 Twitch influencers in 2019: 

  1. summit1g (4M followers) 
  2. Riot Games (4M followers)
  3. Syndicate (3M followers)
  4. Shroud (7M followers)
  5. ESL_CSGO (3M followers)
  6. Imaqtpie (3M followers)
  7. Nightblue3 (2M followers)
  8. Ninja (15M followers) 
  9. LIRIK (2M followers)
  10. DrDisRespectLIVE
  • Sponsoring Events 

Marketers can sponsor giveaways or some special events by giving money to the influencer or rewarding him/her with free products and services. For example, a marketer may pay a Twitch streamer for playing the game with fans at certain times. Viewers love playing with popular streamers and will notice and appreciate a sponsor that makes this event possible. More globally, a marketer can become a sponsor of the tournament between popular gamers. It will bring even more viewers.

  • Product Placement 

It’s also possible to use advertising space on Twitch to play promotional videos. Although Twitch provides a full-screen video, there is a lot of space for advertising over there. Twitch influencers can promote different products and services: games, gaming equipment, non-gaming things like pizza, Coca Cola, geek clothing, etc. It’s also possible to place a logo on the website or some relevant videos. A Twitch influencer can also put a marketing gaming gear as a part of his preferred equipment on the channel page.

Example: Do you see the “Monster Energy” fridge in the back of TimTheTatman. Tim was given this fridge as a present, and, moreover, is monthly paid by the company for having the fridge on camera every streaming session.

  • Affiliate Deals

It’s similar to the previous point, but with affiliate deal, Twitch influencer is paid a definite percentage of the marketer’s revenue.

  • Unpaid Deals

In this case, a streamer receives nothing except building relationships with a marketer. In some situations, it makes sense (for instance, when we talk about massive and very popular game publisher everyone dreams to cooperate with).

Why Is It beneficial For Marketers? 

Influencer marketing helps make a brand more familiar, promote specific products and services.

Why Is It Beneficial for Twitch Streamers? 

If streamer enjoys the products/services that marketers provide, then influencer marketing becomes mutually beneficial cooperation. Twitch influencer receives financial and technical support. 


Influencer marketing on Twitch is not limited only to promoting third-party products and services. When less known streamers invite popular ones to play the game or participate in the show, interview, etc, it’s also a kind of influencer marketing that can help grow the channel. As Twitch develops, there are a lot of different services to help find both influential Twitch streamers and brands for collaboration, such as Wehype platform. If wisely-used influencer marketing can become a mutually beneficial venture for both sides.