Tips for Just Chatting Streams on Twitch

In September 2018, Twitch removed “Creative” and “IRL” categories and introduced new 10 categories to better describe a stream. Being the 4th popular category on Twitch, Just Chatting streaming is a good opportunity for stand-uppers and all people who love to talk and discuss different issues. As stated by Twitch, Just Chatting streams are made “for conversations between streamers and viewers, like when you’re warming up at the start of your stream, doing Q&As, or live vlogging”. If you want to start your own Just Chatting stream, you’re probably a very communicative and charismatic person. But, even with these skills, it will take you some effort to stand out in the category. 

How To Be Always Talking 

The most difficult part of Just Chatting streams is that you should always be talking. If you are the only person that talk, it’s good to have some plan of your monologue. Don’t expect many people communicating with you in chat in the beginning. It takes some time to gather an active audience that will help you maintain the dialogue. On the first stages, you should be ready to take an active role, while the majority of your viewers will just lurk around. Inviting co-host or a guest to your stream will help to make your just chatting stream more entertaining. But, it still requires a good script and understanding of the main topics being discussed. You would feel better during the first streams with at least several close friends invited. These people should understand their role in helping you to keep the conversation going and to moderate the chat.

Here are some basic tips to keep your conversation going on the stream:

  • Elaborate a list of topics for your stream, including anything  you want (news, games, your personal life, etc.)
  • Have some handy topics of universal nature that you can use every time you’re confused and don’t know what to say. Topics like “food”, “traveling”, “movies”, “music” are the most common topics to make a person join the dialogue. 
  • If the below-mentioned tips are not helpful and you are out of topics, open up another similar Just Chatting streams to find inspiration and topics to talk about. 
  • Remember, that there is no concrete specification of what is allowed on Just Chatting streams, so along with the conversation, you can do anything from making a puzzle, coloring, cooking to showing your audience interesting things from the Internet or teaching them something. Just use your imagination and don’t be shy to reveal your talents, even if they don’t seem conventional to everybody. 
  • If you are a beginning streamer, talk more about yourself. Because, usually, people watch streamers with a low viewer count for interaction, not for long lectures about the game you play, etc. They want to connect with a real person. Tell more about your interests, your gaming techniques – anything that makes people feel compelled to start a conversation with you. 
  • Another method you can use for your Just Chatting stream is raising some controversial questions and unpopular opinions. This would help you bait people to share their opinions. For instance, one of the everlasting topics is the Star Wars movies. There are a lot of fans of some episodes and a lot of critics about other ones. So, it’s a great and light topic to discuss. By choosing this path for your stream, try to avoid demonstration of racism, discrimination, and too judgemental opinions. 
  • The last idea for your Just Chatting stream is comparing some popular stuff, like movies, games, equipment, etc. It’s likely that some of your viewers stopping by your stream know about this stuff and will agree or disagree with you. 

For more valuable tips on how to keep talking on stream, read our previous post “How to Keep Talking While Streaming”.

How to Promote Your Just Chatting Stream

Naming You Just Chatting Stream

Think over the title of your stream. It should explain the main topic of your stream or be catchy and intriguing to make people stop by you. Some good ways to name a stream include:

  • Clearly describe what is going to be, for example, “The Fullest Interview with Ninja” means this night you will offer people a long interview with a streaming star Ninja. “Gaming News 24/7” also well describes the content.
  • Choose something eye-catching, memorable, so that when somebody is randomly browsing Twitch, they will want to check your stream. For instance, “Jake ‘N’ Bake”’ series - a stream containing lengthy broadcasts of Jake’s life overseas. Or “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show on Twitch” that offers weekly podcasts. 

Picking a Thumbnail Picture

Picking an attractive thumbnail is another important thing. Custom thumbnails make your stream look more professional than automatic ones. If you doubt about the chosen thumbnail, invite your closest people to judge your image and the overall presentation of your stream.

Promoting on Social Media

Just Chatting streams are more about your personality and less about the content. Think about the most catchy and creative ways to promote your stream via social networks. Use the funniest, clever or unexpected parts of your stream for social media promotion. For this purpose, you can use Twitch clips to capture the best moments and share them via Twitter, Facebook, and so on. It’s also fun to share some behind-the-scenes moments of your stream. Spamming with the most common hashtags like #smallstreamer or #supportsmalstreamers is a relic from the past. Try to be more creative, use relevant pictures, videos, rise open questions and launch discussions. If after the broadcast you still have energy, carry your conversation to Discord or Twitter.

Building Relationships

Watch other people’s channels of the same category to get more ideas and find like-minded people. You can attract some of them to your stream or just find good friends or even potential co-hosts for your Just Chatting stream. 


Just Chatting streams feature channels with a very improvised nature. Indeed, within this category, you’re allowed to do almost anything you want (of course, following TOS). For beginning streamers, it’s a good possibility to stand out with their extraordinary talents. For brands, this category is less fruitful than standard video game streamers. That is why most of the Just Chatting broadcasters have to rely mostly on viewer donations and subscriptions. If talk about already popular streamers, like Sodapoppin, Erik “Gronk” Range, they also managed to use Just Chatting category for their own benefit. Just Chatting has helped them add some variety to their gaming stream and stay more connected with community in-between games.