Proven Steps to a Successful Twitch Giveaway Campaign

Drawing prizes is one of the most effective ways to attract more viewers to your stream. However, there are some tricks over here. Your stream’s level should correspond to the value of the chosen prize. It is ridiculous to present a cup to the winner, if you own a 1-million followers stream. And vise versa, if you draw a game that costs 100$ while having a regular stream’s viewership in 3 people, then it’s an unpromising giveaway plan. Before starting your own Twitch giveaway campaign, let’s analyze if it is really worth the cost.

Why Organizing a Twitch Giveaway on Your Channel?

  • It helps increase traffic and trigger a word of mouth marketing without significant effort
  • It is a chance to see how many active subscribers you actually have on stream
  • It is a possibility to thank your fans for their loyalty and reward them with valuable prizes

What Are the Pitfalls of Giveaway Campaigns?

  • It may be costly to organize an effective giveaway with quality prizes and in the end it can be not worth the effort
  • Giveaways may attract off-target audience that will join your stream only for a period of a giveaway
  • With bad organization, a giveaway may be treated by people as a swindle
Taking into account all these pros and cons, decide if your stream’s audience is ready for a giveaway campaign. If the answer is “yes”, below are some tips to help you:


Being plain and honest about the giveaway rules is the best way to turn people that are curious about your channel to the regular viewers. Promote the prize drawing in your headline, don’t be lazy to write down and share the rules of your giveaway in Google doc file or right on your channel page. People who have not won anything, tend to complain that you are cheating, that a giveaway was unfair, etc. To make a procedure of picking a winner more transparent, always use chatbots, thereby, depriving people of the opportunity to blame you for choosing your friend or mate. So, list all giveaway details clearly - this will help you save face in case of complaints:
  • Rules - what are the conditions of your contest or quiz. Before that, learn the Twitch giveaway rules about what you can and can not require in a giveaway.
  • Participation - who are allowed to participate in a giveaway - anybody who wants or only subscribers - state this info clearly.
  • Dates - define the dates of a giveaway itself and the time when you are going to reward a winner.


Don’t pin too many hopes in giveaways. Not all participants will become your regulars, and this is for the better. Too many non-target passers-by in chat may destroy your casual chat atmosphere and disbalance your stream. The more often people come to your stream, the more subscriptions you get in the end. So, it is better to organize several giveaways, than putting all eggs in one basket. The rule with conversion is pretty simple: follow your own instructions and be patient. The following video provides you with the fundamentals of hosting a successful giveaway on any social media network. Watch it for some tips:

The Course of a Giveaway

The more valuable prize you prepare for the viewers, the more you can demand and prepare for the drawing. Viewers are more willing to do something you ask depending on how attractive the prize is. With expensive and exclusive items, people are usually more actively engaged.
  • Game items: in case you are drawing random game items, you can announce your giveaway a few minutes before start and ask people for quick repost.
  • Channel currency: you can draw the channel currency in equal time intervals. The currency can be accumulated to receive a prize in the future.
  • Game or DLC: for such rewards, it is better to prepare ahead of time. In the week leading to giveaway, start asking people to subscribe for your channel, share the link to your stream, announce the event beforehand.
  • Device or accessories: if you put on the line some major prize, announce your giveaway’s date approximately one month before the event, actively sharing a link, making a video of a prize at stake and asking potential participants to fill email form.

Search for a Good Prize

A quality prize is half the battle. Don’t make a giveaway only because you ought to. Wait for inspiration, a worthy idea for a prize. To minimize expenses, you can ask potential sponsors about the items to be drawn. Not all streamers can afford to buy a console for every giveaway, so it’s worth looking for sponsors that distribute games, controllers, headsets, game items and similar sort of things. Or think whether you have a friend who isn’t going to use some items in the game and will be glad to donate them for your giveaway.


In reality, giveaways are not so entertaining for the person who organizes them as it may seem to onlookers. However, it is a great way to boost your traffic and increase engagement during your live stream. The most essential thing to remember is remaining honest and focus on quality, not the amount of attracted viewers. And what is the best prize at stake you've ever seen on a stream? Share your experience in the comments!